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Driveway Paving

McKinney Paving Pros - Driveway Paving

All paving has to be done right, but if there’s one residential paving job which requires the most attention to detail and care in finishing, it’s your driveway. 

There are two reasons for that. 

Firstly, your driveway can actually be a pretty unsafe place if it’s not well paved. If a driveway becomes slick and treacherous the moment it starts raining or snowing, that has to be fixed. 

Secondly, the driveway is usually the very first thing a visitor (or potential home buyer, if you’re selling) is going to see. We’ve all heard that old chestnut about how first impressions last. Well, the real estate industry backs that up with cold hard data. Your home’s value immediately increases by over 10 percent if it has curb appeal. A beautiful concrete or asphalt driveway can make the world of difference to the aesthetic appeal of your home. 


Concrete Driveway Installation

Our concrete driveways don’t look like a boring slab of concrete. Texturing, stamping, staining are all available as finishing options, along with that intangible gloss which only comes with professional concrete finishing. 

Every member of our concrete crew has years of experience with concrete installations. We have the skills and know how to get your driveway looking fabulous. 

It’ll be strong and resilient too, capable of withstanding our harsh elements with minimal maintenance. 


Asphalt Driveway Installation

Asphalt driveways are a great option if you have a huge driveway, are on a budget, or just prefer a material which is more porous and suitable for water runoff. 

While you won’t get as many finishes with asphalt as you will with concrete, rest assured we can and will make it look great. Picture a smooth, dark, perfectly regular tarmac — the kind of asphalt which feels easy underfoot. That’s what we can do for you!


Driveway Repair

So what about your existing driveway? Maybe it developed a big, nasty pothole in the last big rain. Or perhaps you have this annoying dip right that scrapes your exhaust if you’re not careful. It could just be that you see a lot of little cracks which seems to be gradually expanding. 

We can fix all this and more. If you have a driveway with potholes, crumbling, cracks or subsidence, give us a call. We’re concrete and asphalt experts. We can help. 

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