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Concrete Paving


There’s a reason they make bunkers, foundations and bank vaults out of reinforced concrete. It’s ridiculously tough. Sure, you’ve got to pour it right. You need to understand how the chemistry works. You also need the right equipment. But combine all that and you end up with a paving material which will withstand pretty much anything we mere mortals can throw at it. 

McKinney Paving Pros install concrete which lasts. If you’re looking for an attractive, even concrete surface that’ll be going strong for years, we can grant your wish. 


Concrete Paving

Concrete paving is fit for a bunch of different purposes. Concrete is perfect for long, stately driveways. It’s great for a stained and textured patio space which suits the decor of your home. Concrete is also ideal for solid garage flooring which can take a pummeling from vehicles, chemical spills you name it.

The great added bonus of concrete is that it can be rejuvenated easily. Maintaining concrete isn’t quite as easy as maintaining your asphalt surfaces, but it’s a snap if you keep up with your basic surface maintenance. 


Concrete Repair

Another excellent aspect of concrete is that if you do damage it or if the surface does become compromised from prolonged heavy use, it can be repaired. A full replacement is rarely necessary unless it’s really neglected.

Our local specialists can repair all the basic forms of concrete damage as well as some of the tricky stuff other contractors won’t touch. Heavy root damage, potholes, crumbling, heavily entrenched mold, drifting slabs — we can jump on all these issues and make them go away for you. 

And because we know our stuff and own all the best equipment, our installations and repairs are generally among the cheapest you’ll find in the McKinney area. 


Why Work With McKinney Paving Pros?

A lot of folks choose not to go with a paving company because they decide to pour concrete themselves. Fair enough! We can’t argue with the joys of a bit of DIY. But be aware, unless you know concrete right down to the basic chemistry, there’s a big difference between stirring up a bit of concrete yourself and having an expert with years of experience do it for you.

We’re concrete and asphalt specialists. Unlike local day contractors, we’re permanently set up with dedicated concrete equipment and personnel. You’ll get a perfect result, quickly and inexpensively — often for little more than you’d pay if you do it yourself!

If you’d like to learn more, contact us today. We’re friendly!

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