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Commercial Paving Services

McKinney Paving Pros - Commercial Paving Services

As a local business, McKinney Paving Pros has worked with hundreds of local businesses to get their paving up to scratch. We understand the pressures a business is under when it comes to choosing paving. 

On the one hand, you know you need a paving upgrade. Shabby paving not only looks bad, it’s a constant tripping or vehicle hazard — which also means it’s a liability hazard.

On the other hand, a paving upgrade means disruption. It means a construction crew out the front of your business, and the longer they’re there, the greater the likelihood you’ll lose customer traffic.

McKinney Paving Pros are able to help you negotiate that tricky balance. Here’s how. 


We’ll Minimize Your Downtime

This is the BIG one, so let’s start with that. We have a large crew of permanent paving specialists. What that means is that we can throw significant human resources at your paving job. We also have great equipment specifically designed for large paving jobs. 

It’s as simple as this: More industrious workers + top-notch equipment = job done quickly and well.

On top of that, we are more than willing to accommodate odd hours to minimize disruption to your peak commerce hours. Additionally, we’ll work in phased construction zones, meaning at no point will your place of business or adjoining parking lot be inaccessible. 

All these factors combined make us a great choice for your commercial asphalt or concrete paving requirements. 


We Use Commercial Grade Materials

Most commercial properties require commercial grade paving. What do we mean by that exactly? We’re talking thick layers of outer material. We’re talking a tough, compacted substrate which can handle heavy vehicles or continual foot traffic. We’re also talking about a great, professional finish which looks slick, professional and inviting. 

Making all that happen requires the right materials, the right folks doing the work and the best equipment around. McKinney Paving Pros has all three, which means a beautiful asphalt or concrete finish for you. 


We’re Equipped to Deliver Big Jobs

Ability to scale is important for commercial jobs. 

A regular small-time contractor who seals the occasional driveway or throws down concrete for a residential patio simply isn’t going to have the equipment or expertise to work on a major commercial parking lot or a loading bay concrete floor. 

You need something done right the first time. You need fast, high-quality work. Most of all, commercial jobs require professionalism. We can deliver on all three. We’ll perform a full site inspection, you’ll be given a costed work plan prior to commencement, and then we’ll show up on time and deliver on time. 


McKinney Paving Pros are your perfect choice for commercial-grade concrete or asphalt paving.

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