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Asphalt & Concrete Repair

McKinney Paving Pros - Asphalt and Concrete Repair

Concrete and asphalt are common paving materials for a reason. They both offer a highly favorable combination of durability and affordability. While you should get years of use out of well-installed paving, it will deteriorate eventually, especially if the pavers who installed it in the first place didn’t know what they were doing. 

A lot of contractors will tell you that damaged paving will need to be completely replaced. While this is true sometimes, it isn’t necessarily the case! A lot of significant damage to your asphalt and concrete paving can be repaired, patched or rejuvenated. 

McKinney Paving Pros have repaired countless paving jobs, both large and small. Here are some of the fixes we can provide. 


Crack Repair

One of the most common issues that can affect almost any asphalt and concrete installation is cracking. With the climate extremes our area is known for, cracking is one of the more common paving problems you’ll likely encounter in and around McKinney. 

You’ll find a bunch of local contractors who’ll offer to fix cracks for you, and the vast majority of them will fix it with a superficial patching job. Unfortunately, that’s not really a fix at all! Within months or even weeks, those cracks will reappear. 

What sets us apart is our attention to resolving the underlying issue first. We’ll perform a complete site inspection of your asphalt or concrete paved area to identify the underlying cause of the cracking. We’ll resolve that first. Then we’ll fix the outer cracking. This assures you a much more durable and effective repair outcome. 


Asphalt Milling / Sealcoating

One of the big challenges of asphalt paving is that, while it is strong, eventually it will develop tiny flaws and erosion in the outer surface. These may simply cause your asphalt to look aged. The paving may also develop tiny fissures which permit moisture to penetrate deep into the underlying substrate. At this point, you have a much bigger problem on your hands. 

One of the most effective means of dealing with these issues is through asphalt milling and/or sealcoating. By stripping away the top layer of your asphalt installation, reclaiming the material and reapplying it to the surface, you not only get the aesthetic and practical result you’re looking for, but also a quick and inexpensive way to rejuvenate the structural integrity of your asphalt paving.


Concrete Replacement

Whether it’s for concrete driveway installations, concrete walkways, patios or otherwise, reaching out to the professionals at McKinney Paving Pros will provide you with a full range of service options that will have your older material effectively removed and new concrete paving flawlessly applied.  


Why Work With McKinney Paving Pros?

The bottom line is, we know what we’re doing! Our company isn’t a “do a bit of everything” outfit. We focus on asphalt and concrete work with the goal of doing it perfectly. Working with us means you’ll have access to the best expertise, equipment, and materials in the business. 

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